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Our Services

Marketing Communication and strategy

Our effective strategy used by us to reach their target market through various types of communication. Our relationships with journalists to get press coverage, guest posts, and backlinks always works.

Public Affair

Probox Media assists its clients to address a range of public policy issues by enabling their voice to be a part of the discourse.

Digital Marketing

We do marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. Thankfully we are the best in that!

Event Planning and Execution

We manage all kinds of events and conferences and we can be the most creative Managers around the globe. Our expertise lies in doing event an conference PR.

Digital strategy

Our team can put together digital strategies for your brand/business. We understand business needs and requirements and we are more than happy to be your consultant

Search Engine Optimization

We bring your brand name right at the top page of search engines to make sure you are easily accessible to your customers and helps you generate leads

Graphic Designing

Whether you want to update the look and feel of your existing website or want to freshen up your corporate image we can do it. People are visual creatures and therefore will judge your business by your website and marketing material. Ensure that your corporate image represents who you are as a business. Ourteamofdesignerswillcraft creative solutions for every need.


The ability to target a particular location and only paying for customers once they have clicked on your advertisement is the core benefit over traditional marketing channels. Search Engine Marketing is one of the most powerful and adaptive forms of advertising as it allows you to reach a highly targeted audience, and unlike other forms of advertising, you will see the benefit within minutes of your campaign becoming active.

Social Media Strategy and Execution

Our expertise lies in making brands online reach and content reach worldwide.We create online campaigns and handle all social media channels across the globe.

Sponsorship and Brand Partnership Strategy

We are the best team to consult for brand launches. Our strategies are always successful through great digital experiences. We handle Brand launches the best.

Video Production

We create stunning and world class visuals, commercials, documentaries To get your message across. We Create unique, engaging, and visually stunning videos for your product or service to help get your message across.

Content Creation

We are excellent in creating content in written and video format. We ensure that we create the best profiles of the client through our expertise to leverage content on mediums medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts for self-expression, distribution, marketing and/or publication. content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, photography, videography, online commentary, the maintenance social media accounts, and editing .

Web Design and Development Services

We design and develop websites and mobile applications for brands to reach million of people in a go.

Public Relations

We evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.