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Our Team


Co- Founder

Yashi is an expert in branding, marketing, communications strategy, Visualisation and event management. she has an experience of 5 years in media and PR Industry working with giant media houses in India. After getting experience from big media and production houses she has truly learned how to use a brands strengths to leverage success. Attention to detail and access to her expansive network ensure successful project execution, on time, within budget, and always with profitable results.


Co- Founder

Sukriti’s expertise lies in the brand communication and her excellent digital media management skills. With an experience of 5 years in the Research Journalism with leading media houses in India she is able to come up with new strategies that would inturn be helpful for the brands associating with us. She is connected with the entire network of journalists and PR experts. Her niche lies in creating tagline and social media campaigns.


Creative Head

Vishakha an aluminous of NIFT is responsible for all the creative decisions that we take at our firm. She is an expert in delivering world class graphics and design and implement visual marketing programs and developing engaging stories. She is responsible for illustrations, advertising plans and overseeing the creative processes in our startup.